The Tobii Eyetracker and Usability Research
Dr. Kathryn Summers was one of the first researchers in the DC metro area to supplement her user research with eyetracking. SUMMERS Consulting recommends eyetracking for usability testing because it allows the moderator to perceive what users are doing without verbal interrupt. It also allows observers to watch in real time where users are looking as they explore websites and attempt tasks.

Why Eyetracking?
Eye tracking can provide objective results without the "filtering" of the user's logical mind or the influence of a moderator. Where people look can more accurately reflect their thinking and what information they are processing - insights that cannot be obtained directly with other testing methods. With our Tobii eyetracker, you will be able to observe how a user's eyes move across your design in real time. Eyetracking also allows users to avoid having to "think out loud." Instead users focus on what they are doing with your interface and behave more naturally.

University of Baltimore (UB) Lab
SUMMERS Consulting also values a partnership with the University of Baltimore's Eyetracking User Research Lab.

UB Lab features:
  • Gaze replay, gaze plot, and hot spot maps of user gaze data using Tobii T60 eyetracker and Studio software
  • Digital picture in picture capability via Morae, or a scan converter
  • Professional high-fidelity sound system
  • Observation room with one-way mirror and dual monitor's that mirror participant screen
UB Lab Details:
Address: 1420 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
Hours: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm

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Tobii Eyetracker

Studio software is used for data analysis and visualizations including hotmaps, gazeplots, and gaze replay.